Our Breeding Philosophy We believe that breeding a litter is not an endeavor to be taken lightly and our goal is to produce a better example of the breed when we make our breeding decisions. It is imperative that Breeders have at least a basic understanding of genetic principles, breeding systems (in-breeding, line-breeding and out-crossing), dog anatomy and structure and an ability to understand a pedigree beyond just the names and titles of the dogs. We continuously strive to improve our breeding program by attending Breeder Seminars and Symposiums (Notes), GPCA National Specialties, and communicating with reputable German Pinscher breeders around the world as well as respected Reproductive Veterinarians Dr. Cindy Smith and Dr. Cheryl Lopate. We are also avid readers of Dr. Claudia Orlandi, Dr. Carmen Battaglia, Myra Savant-Harris, Phyllis Holst and Margaret Kustritz who have written excellent books on everything related to breeding dogs. You can find their books at Dogwise, a publishing house specializing in canine literature. Our criteria for breeding is that we start with the best dogs and keep an eye on our goal of producing a better German Pinscher. It has been proven by many exceptional breeders that line-breeding is the most reliable breeding method for establishing consistent type with the occasional out-cross brought in to improve specific issues in the lines. We were fortunate to start our GP breeding program with excellent examples of the breed. Our great foundation bitch, “Bahn” AKC/INT’L CH Angelsun Attract Attention bred to “Lukas” AM GR CH/CAN/INTL CH Oakwood V Kaitlers Revival resulted in our exceptional “Midnight” litter. Max and Flame are the two outstanding stud dogs from this litter. We imported Lady and Diva from Europe in 2011 as puppies and with their excellent lines, health and temperament they should compliment our boys very well. Lady and Diva have performed extremely well in both Conformation and Performance and meet our stringent standards for our breeding program. In early 2013, we leased a well-bred bitch that we could use with a male from Europe and we bred Rain to Alpha resulting in a lovely litter of 9 puppies. We have two males in show homes and two females in show homes. We believe that line-breeding is essential in maintaining a consistent type, however we also realize that in a breed with such a small gene pool it is imperative we work with other responsible breeders to import or lease dogs with healthy lines. Our goal is to weave these healthy lines into ours to maintain health and temperament while keeping the type consistent. In Fall 2013, we bred Flame to Diva producing a fantastic litter of puppies. Diva is our import from the von Cronestein Kennel in the Netherlands and comes from 8 generations of extremely healthy German Pinschers. Flame is an incredible GP who has a very friendly and stable temperament and bred with Diva who not only has a great Health pedigree but also great work ethic and extremely calm temperament produced a very nice litter of 8 puppies. Out of that litter we kept King who is a Blk/Tan male with exceptional conformation and a very nice personality. King definitely has the “show” attitude and we will finish his AKC Championship then find a great home willing to keep him intact for use in our breeding program. We have one male and one female on co-ownerships in show homes. The puppies went to fantastic families and are great examples of the breed. In Spring 2014, we bred Troy to Lady producing five lovely puppies with outstanding conformation and temperament. This breeding was a loose line-breeding on Lilla Enebys Leonardo, one of the top German Pinscher producers. He appears once in the 2nd generation of the sire and twice in the 3rd generation of the dam. Leonardo’s outstanding qualities have been passed down to his progeny along with vaccine reactions. This litter all experienced a vaccine reaction after their first Distemper vaccine, as expected, since Lady also reacted as a pup and a littermate of Troy’s reacted as well. We kept these puppies until 10 weeks of age to ensure we were able to treat the reaction prior to going to their new homes. None of the puppies experienced a reaction to their subsequent vaccines. The German Pinscher has a unique vaccine reaction normally between 9 – 14 days post vaccination, however two of Troy v Lady pups started their reaction on Day 19 and Lady had hers on Day 21 when she was a pup. The treatment is high doses (5mg 2/Day) of corticosteroids tapering down over a three day period and shortly after the first dose the puppy is almost completely back to normal. By the second day there was no evidence any reaction occurred. The GP is an extremely healthy breed and the vaccine reaction is one of the few issues we deal with. Max and Flame have excellent type, great temperaments and overall good health. There is always room for improvement and in our lines we are moving forward with Lady, Diva and Rain to improve eye health and continue to breed German Pinschers who conform to the AKC Standard with excellent health and temperaments. Immer Treu puppies are reserved in advance and you must complete our “Puppy Application” to be placed on our waiting list. You should read our “Frequently Asked Questions” page for additional information.

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